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We are on a mission to gather anything related to the Fabulous Flying Fliver Boat so send us what you have (stories, photos, anything) and we'll add it here!  This boat wuz made famous by Corky & Corkette from Cypress Gardens and by us Locals on Wolverine Lake Michigan in the good old days as well as other Water Ski Shows Worldwide.   Used to go over jumps, drive up on shore and do all sorts of stunts, this little tunnel hull boat wuz a staple of major ski shows the world over.   The boat, while not rated, usually runs a 20 - 25 HP motor though sum ran bigger motors!  This boat has a very rough ride in the water, it will vibrate the fillings out of your teeth and bust your butt and back!  It's handling is not particularly forgiving and this boat will capsize if not driven with respect and common sense.  This little self bailing boat allowed you to submerge the boat and come back out of it being unsinkable!   Truly amazing and a blast to run even in today's world of Jet Skis -- still a head turner and always gets a lot of looks and questions.  Long Live The Fliver Boat!  Scroll down and click on the thumbnails to look at sum Cool Fliver Boat Stuff!

Go fer a Ride in a Fliver Boat!


June 2009 - Here is a Fliver, looks like an old Noles boat, for sale in Brandton Florida.  Nice looking Fliver and comes with a nice 15 Merc 4 stroke:


May 2009 - Here is a Fliver on E-Bay!  Check out that way awesome rail molding!  I remember from the olden days that some Flivers came laced like this.  I guess it helps if you fall out and the boat takes off for shore and hits a tree!  I've seen that happen before...

April 2009 - Here is a kool bit from our good buddy Richard on his Fliver history.  8' Flying Fliver boat with Mercury Mark 58A motor.  Top speed between 45 & 50 mph.

"Been looking for a website like this for years - finally found it!   My "Fliv" goes back to June of 1959 when I was 15.  Cost me all of $225.00, which was a lot of money for a kid back then.  Started out with a 5 Hp. Royal which was sold by Esso (now Exxon) gas stations.  A year later I graduated to a 15 Hp. Evinrude Fastwin.  Then around 1963 I went crazy and put a deck on the Fliv, added a wheel to it, reinforced its transom and hung a Mercury Mark 58A with remote controls and a cupped prop on it (see attached pictures).  I also added a kill switch on the remote control lever - I wasn't a total nut.  According to the Aquameter, it did between 45 & 50 MPH.  It did a lot of dancing from pontoon to pontoon, was scary as hell and probably gave me hemorrhoids, but I loved every minute in it.  I used it for the last time in 1987.  I finally realized it could kill me - got a little smarter with age.  Since then, it's been standing up on its end the garage.  I sold the Merc some years ago, and will probably look for a buyer for the Fliv in the future.   Richard - North Jersey"


 March 2009 - A bumper month for crazy Fliver Boats on the internet!  Check out this rad 10 foot with coolers!  Note how the tunnel hull don't go all the way to the front?


March 2009 - Here's one in Florida.  Check out that railing!

March 2009 - Here are some excellent photos from our Fliver Boat friend Jim Murray:


February 2009 - We found this old Fliver, surfing the web,  that wuz used as a duck hunting boat - check out the custom lattice!

January 2009 - Found this tattered Fliver surfing the web - wuz fer sale in Florida for $700.  Kind of a old Fliver/new Fliver crossover:

December 2008 - This in from our Good Buddy Roger of Lauderdale Lakes, Wisconsin.  He has an original 50's type Fliver made in Minnesota and has owned it since 1960!  How rare is that?  Should be in the Guinness Book of Records!  Sheyatt!!  He uses two different motors on the Fliver, a 25 HP Johnson from the 1970s and his trusty 1956 30 HP Evinrude. 2 years ago, he had just given it a total makeover!  Check it out Fliver Dudes and Dudettes!

Go Roger Go!  Nothing like ripping it up in a Fliver!

November 2008 - Hey Fliver Dudes and Dudettes!  We scored this way cool Old School Fliver Boat photo offa E-Bay.  Shee-Yat!!  Is this cool or what?

October 2008 - Here's a genuine early model Flying Fliver "Flivver" made in New Prague Minnesota in about 1956.  This Fliver is in original condition never being restored.  One of the cool things about the "old style" Fliver is  you can stand this on the fins and hull bottom against a wall for storage - how cool is that?  Fred Kiekhaefer, Carl Kiekhaefer's son, has one just like this one with a MK25.  Fred wuz at the 2000 AOMCI international Meet in Winter Haven FL and he talked of one day restoring his Fliver that he ran as a Kid.   The precursor to today's Flivers, they still turned on a dime with round chines and the tunnel hull design.  The boat has a rope handle glassed in the bottom of the cockpit to hang onto .Also has a sling to sit into.  Is this were the term don't get yer A$$ in a sling started from?  This boat was at Tomahawk for the AOMCI meet in August:

October 2008 - Baw, Haw, Haw!  Standing on a flipped Fliver!

Here are sum way cool old Cypress Gardens Post Cards of Corky & Corkette in their Fliver Boat:

Here is a photo of Corkette in her Fliver Boat from an old Chrysler Outboard Motors brochure from the early 70's:

Check out this awesome old skool Fliver with a steering wheel?  Is this kool schyat or what?

Here are sum shots of our first gen 8.5 Tunnel Hull Fliver Boat powered by a modified 1969 Mercury 20SS!  It really screams!  June 2009, we just acquired a hopped up 30hp Tohatsu 2 stroke racing motor that we are gonna run this summer!  Photos to follow...

Here is my oldest son, Brian, on the Sammamish River.  Naw, the motor is not running...

Here are a bunch of Fliver Boat photos sent to us and collected over the years.  Send us your Fliver Boat photos, stories or anything Fliver, and we'll add them here!


August 2008 - Check it out Fliver Fans!  I just picked up the Way Cool Peter Hunn book "The Golden Age of the Racing Outboard" and the Fliver, spelled Old School "Flivver" gets mentioned on Page 164!  The books is full of great old outboard racing stuff and well worth the price fer anyone who ran the Cottage Racers from the good old daze on Wolverine Lake, Michigan, like us here at Creekrat CARtoons:

Check out this way cool original Fliver (Flivver) Boat advert -- Shee-Yat!!  Is this cool or what?

Here is another way cool Fliver Boat advert by Osborn Marine:

Creekrat CARtoons Fliver Boat Art  "Corkette's Day Off"

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Our Other Ride!  An Original 1969 Schuster Tahiti with an Inline 6 140hp Merc Outboard - it SCREAMS!


Sum of our Pals might recon this Mean Machine from our old daze of ripping up Wolverine Lake Michigan.  Its our old SidCraft raceboat powered by a Merc Hurricane 20 SS.  I can see in my mind's eye tearing up the lake and island with Dave Ostachiefski until the island homeowners called the cops on us!

November 2008 - I dug up the awesome old cracked photo of our old 1964 Johnson Seasport.  It wuz a way cool boat and a blast tooling around Wolverine Lake Michigan.  Who is that blonde dish on the dock?  I think this photo is circa 1972. 


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